Established in 1975, the firm offers a full range of services in the fields of Commercial Law, International Trusts and Estates, Real Estate, Tax, and International Transactions.

The firm has extensive activity in Europe, in the areas of Trusts and Estates, Private Banking, International Transactions and Taxation, and Companies. Writing in various respectable international legal publications such as Tottel Publishing's International Succession Laws, Planning and Administration of Offshore and Trust & Trustees, and other publications – the firm is responsible for writing and periodically updating, the chapter in each one dealing with Israel.

Our Practice Areas


The Practice advises on foreign and Israeli trusts for Israeli and overseas clients. Trusts are structured to meet the client’s particular needs, including succession planning, asset protection, forced heirship issues, and family business. The Practice maintains close relationships with reputable banks in Israel and abroad, as well as with numerous law firms and licensed trust companies.


The Practice advises on all matters of estate planning, trusts, probate, and inheritance proceedings. This includes legal services, such as drafting of trust deeds and wills, as well as providing services relating to probate and inheritance orders, administration of estates, and cross-border inheritance matters.

International Taxation

The Practice provides tax advice to individuals and companies with international business activities, including tax planning advice involving personal tax law and international tax issues. In order to provide this comprehensive service. The practice works closely with lawyers, tax experts, and accountants in several jurisdictions with the required expertise in this field.

Family Office

The Practice provides legal advice to family offices in matters of structuring and organizing family businesses, creation of trusts, and drafting of wills.

Distributors & Agents

The Practice provides legal advice to distributors, agents, and suppliers from Israel and overseas on the law and practice of distribution agreements. The Practice advises foreign companies regarding the appointment of agents and distributors in Israel and Israeli companies regarding the appointment of agents and distributors overseas.

Real Property

The Practice advises on purchasing, holding, and managing real estate in Israel with a special focus on investments by overseas companies and individuals, including aspects of taxation and the creation of real estate trusts.

Company Law

The Practice advises on all aspects of company law in Israel, including legal advice for foreign investors and entrepreneurs wishing to start or operate a business in Israel.

Israeli precedents have recognized a fiduciary duty derived from Equity prior to the Trust law.