Prof. Oren Kaplan

About Prof. Oren Kaplan

Prof. Oren Kaplan, was Dean of the School of Business Administration.

Prof. Oren Kaplan is one of Israel’s leaders in positive psychology, and he is an expert and consultant in market research, market surveys, and consumer behavior.

Prof. Kaplan has a B.A. in Economics and Psychology, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and MBA with a major in Marketing. He has also completed his Ph.D. studies in Cognitive Psychology. \

As a clinical psychologist, he is licensed to use and study hypnosis, is an expert in the treatment of anxiety. His academic work includes both teaching and research.

He has published numerous articles in Israeli and foreign journals and written a book in Hebrew titled, 'Researchers Talk About Market Studies and their Application in the Israeli Market' published by Globes.

Prof. Oren Kaplan

Clinical Psychologist
Of Counsel

Tel: +972-54-818-1849

Modern estate planning should take into consideration "digital assets", such as email and social network accounts.

Alon Kaplan

Israeli precedents have recognized a fiduciary duty derived from Equity prior to the Trust law.

Alon Kaplan

A trust Keeps and manages assets during lifetime and after demise, therefore it is a good solution for estate planning.

Alon Kaplan